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Meditation versus Medication for Anxiety Relief

A recent study has found that Meditation is as effective as a leading anxiety medication in managing anxiety. While there is enough said about stress being the main reason people develop mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, the practice of Meditation or Mindfulness as a tool for mental wellness, has not been taken seriously.

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Tools for Emotional Regulation – Steps in Embodiment practice

Emotional exploration Understanding what a particular emotion feels like in the body helps us to become aware of the onset of the emotion and be comfortable with those sensations. This awareness helps us recognize and label the emotion before it spirals out of control. Redirecting our thoughts to our bodily sensations helps us manage our

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Moving towards Emotional Wellness

The Journaling Technique Frequent and intense emotions can have both a physical and mental impact on us. The body can experience increased heart rates, temperature, perspiration, or acidity. Eventually it will lead to physical ailments – ulcers, hypertension, Acidity related problems, Insomnia, even auto immune diseases and mental disorders such as Anxiety and Depression. However,

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The burden of expectations – how to retain your sanity

Stress may be caused by both internal (fears, lack of confidence, other personality issues) as well as extraneous (difficult boss, family members expectations etc.)  factors. However, it is my contention that if one can gain control over internal factors, which can certainly be done, the external factors will not have the devastating impact that they

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Increasing awareness of our Emotional profile

Are you an emotional person? We all experience a range of emotions – there is no one who does not. If a person is completely apathetic, without emotion then that is a mental disorder. If a person experiences extremes of emotion, that too is a disorder. Most of us go through ups and downs which

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Letting Be versus Letting go

I recently attended a course on Metta (Loving Kindness ) meditation by Jillian Pransky. It was a style of meditation that I was not very familiar and comfortable with. However the restorative and the meditative practices I learnt just opened my mind. I then listened to the podcast of her interview on the “One you

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Yoga – the key to a healthy Nervous system via the Vagus nerve

The controlled breathing in Yoga helps to balance the Autonomic Nervous System. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system through the vagus nerve. An active and well nourished Vagus nerve reduces inflammation caused by stress in various parts of the body and prevents the occurrence of mental and physical ailments. This blog contains a simple explanation of how this happens.

Staying Calm During Crises

As a Behavioral psychologist and Yoga therapist. I would like to encourage you to take control of your mental and physical wellbeing by introducing you to a series of techniques that will help increase your awareness of thoughts, feelings and emotion and gain better control over them. I started this series as we are currently

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Yoga and the Mind

Most of the yogic texts are complicated Sanskrit terms that have little significance to the lay person. While the believers’ numbers are growing, there are many sceptics too. Especially when we talk of the healing effects of yoga. So, it’s important to understand how yoga works on the human body and consequently the human mind.

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