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Creating safe spaces for your employees – Organization Development

As a HR executive, I am sure you are often looking for ways to make performance more effective and help the organization increase the profit margins. this is best accomplished by keeping your employees safe and happy.  By safe I mean providing an environment that is supportive and always has the mental wellness of the

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Why do people Panic – 2

Meditation and stress management A person panics when they feel threatened by the situation It could be a perception of threat on any level – physical, emotional or mental. I say perception because when a person is faced with an unsafe situation – images of danger that pass through their mind can be based on

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Yoga and the Mind

Most of the yogic texts are complicated Sanskrit terms that have little significance to the lay person. While the believers’ numbers are growing, there are many sceptics too. Especially when we talk of the healing effects of yoga. So, it’s important to understand how yoga works on the human body and consequently the human mind.

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