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Emotions and you

This is a new series of blogs that will help the reader develop a better awareness of emotions that are experienced and develop techniques to regulate them more efficiently. We all want to be more peaceful. Many of us want to be able to manage our emotions better so we do not end up losing

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Managing stress and anxiety – 6 Learning not to take things personally

Have you often wondered why your colleague was so snappy or your spouse did not pay attention to you or your child burst into tears over an inane remark from you? Have these reaction kept you preoccupied or even awake at night wondering what you had done wrong? If yes – read on. One of

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Managing symptoms of Anxiety with Yoga 5 – Paired relaxation technique

Stress is now a fact of life,so much so, that it has become a generic emotion. Any feeling that evokes discomfort in the body or mind is termed stress. People of all ages are heard talking about how stressed they are and this includes children. Our lifestyle with the access to technological stimuli round the

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Managing symptoms of anxiety with yoga – 4

Legs up the wall pose / Vipareet karani  InstructionsPull your mat near a wall. Sit down with the right hip against the wall and legs stretched out in front of you. Gently slide down sideways on the mat, keeping your hip against the wall.When you are lying down in an L shape., gently roll on

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Managing Symptoms of Anxiety with Yoga Series – 3

Childs pose /Balasana This is the first of the poses in the series on how to manage anxiety. From the previous posts in this series, you might now be able to gauge if you are experiencing the symptoms of Anxiety. If you are prone to anxiety, it can overcome you at any time. When you

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Managing Symptoms of Anxiety with Yoga Series – 2

Mental symptoms of Anxiety In an earlier post, I had listed physiological symptoms of Anxiety. Those symptoms have to be accompanied by mental symptoms to be considered anxiety disorder. Persistent worry about the future is the most noticeable mental symptom. Regular practice of Yoga asanas, Pranayama and Meditation will help alleviate mild symptoms. Practice of

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A Surprising Emotion People With Childhood Emotional Neglect Often Feel

Commentary: Very often we see people around us who cant seem to relax , who are so involved in the care of others that they often forget to put themselves first. I have seen this more often in women who are groomed from childhood to “take care of others”. In the process they suppress their

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Improve Organizational Effectiveness with Yoga

Every organization, no matter its size, faces challenges in people management. HR Executives are often bewildered by imperceptible causes of poor performance which might be a result of any or a combination of the following factors – Lower productivity and/or absenteeism Frequent interpersonal conflict between peers and team members Slow or uninspiring decisions Creative drought,

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Letting Be versus Letting go

I recently attended a course on Metta (Loving Kindness ) meditation by Jillian Pransky. It was a style of meditation that I was not very familiar and comfortable with. However the restorative and the meditative practices I learnt just opened my mind. I then listened to the podcast of her interview on the “One you

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Yoga – the key to a healthy Nervous system via the Vagus nerve

The controlled breathing in Yoga helps to balance the Autonomic Nervous System. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system through the vagus nerve. An active and well nourished Vagus nerve reduces inflammation caused by stress in various parts of the body and prevents the occurrence of mental and physical ailments. This blog contains a simple explanation of how this happens.