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Yoga and the Mind

Most of the yogic texts are complicated Sanskrit terms that have little significance to the lay person. While the believers’ numbers are growing, there are many sceptics too. Especially when we talk of the healing effects of yoga. So, it’s important to understand how yoga works on the human body and consequently the human mind.

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Teenage problems – What parents can do to help

In this mad world, how can we support our teenager and ensure that they have a reasonably fun filled teenage while emerging successful in their academics. When you teenager comes home and tells you he/she had a bad day – don’t ignore it. They many say they don’t want to talk about it but will

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Yoga and Psychology 2

Prevention and care is by far the best medicine there is. It all comes down to balance.” The practice of various Pranayama and Meditation are key aspects of yoga. Practice of yoga is not complete without meditation or pranayama. “Yoga is a very effective tool for relieving stress. Calming the mind and allowing a

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