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Emotions and you

This is a new series of blogs that will help the reader develop a better awareness of emotions that are experienced and develop techniques to regulate them more efficiently. We all want to be more peaceful. Many of us want to be able to manage our emotions better so we do not end up losing

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Managing stress and anxiety – 6 Learning not to take things personally

Have you often wondered why your colleague was so snappy or your spouse did not pay attention to you or your child burst into tears over an inane remark from you? Have these reaction kept you preoccupied or even awake at night wondering what you had done wrong? If yes – read on. One of

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Managing symptoms of Anxiety with Yoga 5 – Paired relaxation technique

Stress is now a fact of life,so much so, that it has become a generic emotion. Any feeling that evokes discomfort in the body or mind is termed stress. People of all ages are heard talking about how stressed they are and this includes children. Our lifestyle with the access to technological stimuli round the

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