Author: Dr. Prabha Srinivas

Coping Mechanisms For Effective Stress Management – Training program for Employees

Organizations today are hotbeds for stress creation. Constant deadlines, unbridled competition and the dissipation of empathy in the cut throat professional environment are driving people to the ER with various ailments both physical (headaches, acidity or even frequent colds) and mental (anxiety and depression). The good news is that stress can be managed if the

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Yoga and the Mind

Most of the yogic texts are complicated Sanskrit terms that have little significance to the lay person. While the believers’ numbers are growing, there are many sceptics too. Especially when we talk of the healing effects of yoga. So, it’s important to understand how yoga works on the human body and consequently the human mind.

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Choose your HR Recruiter with care

No rocket science here, Freud and other psychologists came up with personality theories that extolled the impact of personality traits on the person’s behavior. Unfortunately we rarely take individual differences into consideration when we deal with people in any facet of life. Nowhere is this more important than at the hiring office of large organizations.

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