Creating safe spaces for your employees – Organization Development

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As a HR executive, I am sure you are often looking for ways to make performance more effective and help the organization increase the profit margins. this is best accomplished by keeping your employees safe and happy.  By safe I mean providing an environment that is supportive and always has the mental wellness of the workforce at heart. By ensure that the organization fosters a problem solving approach that makes employees secure to create and innovate without fear of being reprimanded or fired. Even if it’s just ay to day mundane jobs, these will receive better attention when the boss is not looking over the employee’s shoulder trying to intimidate or restrict the person with the ultimate aim of protecting her/himself from future blame.

Organizations are encouraging a toxic culture of  mistrust and conflict which is actually counter productive.

The video in the link is a chat about various Organizational aspects that improve performance and factors that improve the happiness quotient and ultimately performance of your most valuable resource – the people who work for you!

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