Managing symptoms of anxiety with yoga – 4

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Legs up the wall pose / Vipareet karani

Pull your mat near a wall. Sit down with the right hip against the wall and legs stretched out in front of you. Gently slide down sideways on the mat, keeping your hip against the wall.
When you are lying down in an L shape., gently roll on to your back while sliding the legs up the wall. In this stage the buttocks are against the wall, the legs are vertically up the wall. Rest your heels on the wall and relax the muscles of the legs.
Place your hands by your sides, in a relaxed manner.
Close your eyes and remain in relaxation for 2-5 minutes.
For a variation, legs may be propped up on a chair instead of against the wall. Props such as bolster and blankets may be used to support the back and the head.

To come out of the pose, gently slide your legs down the wall turning on to your side at the same time, or bend your knees and turn to the side. when you are ready, sit up. Take your time. Any yoga pose must be done gently and gradually. One must not rush the pose, to experience maximum benefit.

Creates a feeling of wellbeing and self-care
Calms the nervous system and relaxes the mind. Rejuvenates the mind by creating additional circulation to the brain and the head.
Lowers heart rate and reduces mental tension.
Eases any tension in the lower half of the body, legs and lower back
Instils a feeling of well being because of the combined feeling of calm and relaxation.
Reduces fatigue.

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