Managing the Symptoms of Anxiety with Yoga Series -1

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Common physiological symptoms of Anxiety

Along with the Covid Pandemic there is another epidemic that we are experiencing without being aware of it. Never have we faced so much uncertainty in our lives as we do now, and this can lead to unimagined levels of Anxiety. Many people experiencing it for the first time will feel bewildered by the changes they are undergoing – the emotional outbursts and the physiological discomforts. It is important to understand the symptoms of anxiety and seek help. My blogs will explain the disorder in simple terms and provide practical suggestions for maintaining mental health. It is not necessary that one should have been diagnosed with the illness. If a person is feeling increasingly anxious about a certain situation/ situations, these practices will provide relief.

With this blog I begin a series on how symptoms of anxiety can be managed with Yoga. I will be posting a series of articles that will contain Asanas or poses, Pranayama or breathing practices and Meditation. Yoga has a favorable impact on the nervous system. The controlled breathing during the practice helps to nourish the Vagus nerve and activate the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn calms the person down mentally and physically. With this calm, the body goes into rest and digest mode weaning it away from the fight or flight mode. Anxiety rooted in fear of the unknown. To get past this fear it is important to cultivate mindfulness and that is what yoga accomplishes.

In my next post I will spell out the mental symptoms of the disorder. Subsequent posts will have yoga practices that can help relieve symptoms experienced as a result of Anxiety disorder. However, none of this is a substitute for therapy which helps a person navigate life without feeling held back by the symptoms. Yoga is now widely used as complementary therapy for treatment of many mental disorders. Mild cases of Anxiety can be effectively managed by regular practice of holistic yoga.

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