A Surprising Emotion People With Childhood Emotional Neglect Often Feel

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Commentary: Very often we see people around us who cant seem to relax , who are so involved in the care of others that they often forget to put themselves first. I have seen this more often in women who are groomed from childhood to “take care of others”. In the process they suppress their own needs. As a grown up they naturally take the role of “caretakers” which can lead to diminished self care and consequently physical and mental disorders. Reading this article was an aha moment for me.  Boys on the other hand are told not to exhibit emotions  related to sadness or insecurity as it’s not a “manly”  thing to do. Are we then setting up the children for CEN? Worth thinking about.

Childhood neglect does not necessarily mean abuse. In fact i believe it is more a parenting style which dismisses the expression and exploration of emotion in a child. In many cultures children are told that they should be seen and not heard – this can lead to suppression of laughter, anger, excitement and so on.

If you already know something about Childhood Emotional Neglect or CEN and how it affects adults you may expect this article to be about guilt or shame. And indeed, despite having their feelings virtually walled off and inaccessible, most CEN people are…

Source: A Surprising Emotion People With Childhood Emotional Neglect Often Feel

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