Staying Calm During Crises

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As a Behavioral psychologist and Yoga therapist. I would like to encourage you to take control of your mental and physical wellbeing by introducing you to a series of techniques that will help increase your awareness of thoughts, feelings and emotion and gain better control over them. I started this series as we are currently going through very difficult, unbelievable times with Covid 19. Nevertheless these practices can help all through our life. Regular practice of these techniques will help you become more mindful and aware of the changes in your thoughts, feelings and emotions, thereby allowing you to restructure them and respond better to difficult situations.

I have created a few videos on IGTV which will describe teachniques that work on the nervous system. Each video introduces a new technique which when practiced regularly will help you exert some control over your thoughts and emotions, when distressed. The following are some techniques which are already up on my Intagram account –

Deep breathing

Alternate nostril breathing


Paired relaxation

Please follow the link to access the videos.

I believe that using these techniques regularly will activate the parasympathetic nervous system leading to calmer temperament and as a result, behavior.

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