Coping Mechanisms For Effective Stress Management – Training program for Employees

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Organizations today are hotbeds for stress creation. Constant deadlines, unbridled competition and the dissipation of empathy in the cut throat professional environment are driving people to the ER with various ailments both physical (headaches, acidity or even frequent colds) and mental (anxiety and depression). The good news is that stress can be managed if the person develops coping skills that help them maintain calm in the face of crisis. This is achieved by practice of certain techniques that come from the realms of Yoga and Psychology. SUch techniques will benefit the individual in the long run and prevent the occurence of stress induced ailments. My training program will teach your employees these skills. The program is a combination of yogic practices and Behavior therapy techniques.
The training program can be designed to suit organization schdules and budgets. Contact me @ to plan a program for your organization.

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