Yoga and Psychology 2

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Prevention and care is by far the best medicine there is.
It all comes down to balance.”
The practice of various Pranayama and Meditation are key aspects of yoga. Practice of yoga is not complete without meditation or pranayama. “Yoga is a very effective tool for relieving stress. Calming the mind and allowing a person to attaining physical and mental relaxation”. “Yoga is a conscious process of gaining mastery of the mind”.
“To date, the most persuasive evidence of the benefits of hatha yoga, and in particular pranayama, stems from research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience in India. New studies have shown a high success rate—up to 73 percent—for treating depression with sudharshan kriya, a pranayama technique taught in the U.S. as “The Healing Breath Technique.” It involves breathing naturally through the nose, mouth closed, in three distinct rhythms.”

Through pranayama or complete breathing, it is theorized that energies can be moved through the body. Frenzied Negative energy can be replaced by calm positivity. Blocked feelings can be displaced giving way to freedom from ailment as in a headache. Usually in highly emotional states people lose balance of thought. When people are depressed people even go to the extent of taking their own life. It has been proved that depression can be cured by consistent yoga practice. Some practitioners have even succeeded in the control of bi- polar disorder with the use of Yoga.
“Yoga, in and of its own nature, is naturally a form of psychology which was devised several thousand years ago to help individuals gain a better understanding of the personal experience of life and the world around them”.
Practice of yoga can lead to better quality of life. Yoga induces in an individual a calm meditative state that allows him/ her to focus on the moment. Whether it is smelling a flower , or eating a meal more enjoyment is derived from the experience. Over the years the individual leans to manage their emotions especially anger better resulting in less stress and therefore fewer psychosomatic ailments. Yoga teaches you to be in the moment. When one achieves success in this , the person can be more effective in all walks of life. They will focus better on conversations, thereby have a better memory and retention of facts. At work this is a huge asset . The average human being is competitive and strives for success. Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation sees and individual rising from the base physical needs such as food, water, air to higher level of needs.

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