Don’t Axe that training to cut costs!!

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The tendency of organizations to lose HR focus is a trend that worries me. During downtimes in organizations, the first to go under the axe is HRM and training. The thinking goes that we have hired trained employees, so we do not need any more training urgently. Put all training programs on hold. Hold that restroom revamp project; take biscuits off the conference room menu. Let us tighten the belt. Employees nowadays spend more time at work that they do at home. How work is done and the facilities available decide the employees’ physical and mental well being. Just think of the number of young people who already suffer from stiff necks, back pain, headaches and what not. Then take into consideration the increasing number of depression cases. Most organizations do not have counsellors or doctors onsite. When you have a campus of about 5000 or more employees this is an oversight.
In my opinion when an organization is not doing well, it is crucial to keep the workforce happy because you do not want to be saddled with severance packages or and recruitment costs. When you cut out people comforts there is a tendency for people to be dissatisfied. When you do not give a raise there is your competitor around the corner who is offering your employee more to pay him. There is loss of precious knowledge for every employee that quits. Keep your employees. Herzberg did say that money does not motivate people, recognition does. In a developing country like India, it does not work. The first question that occurs to a person interviewing for a job is “what will be my take home?”
Such cost cutting measures in the face of highly paid and “perked” up senior executives has caused young people to go up in arms at. The US is facing tough times, but it did not take long for the average person to realize that it was a skewed recession. While the person on the street is facing loss of job and home, fat bonuses are rolling into rich executives’ bank accounts. It does not take a genius to figure out the unfairness.
HR folks, stand up for your own. Quote ROI to Management when cuts on training and employee benefits are suggested. Show up the business advantages that happy employee with result in. Cut the fluff but not the core.

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